Day: March 20, 2013

Coolest Things To Do with Your Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi powered quadrocopter Originator Says: My finished raspberry pi quadrocopter. More information at R2D2 Robot Powered by Raspberry Pi Originator Says: This is a birthday gift I built from scratch for my girlfriend 🙂 The hardware is made of a broken Interactive R2D2 toy and a bunch of cheap parts purchased online. Inside, the little […]

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Pithos – Pandora Desktop Client for Linux

Pithos is a Linux based client for the GNOME Desktop for the online music platform: Although there is a official Flash based Linux client for but it is a RAM hog and does not leave you with a tasteful experience. There is another client called the Pianobar but is only for the command-line. Among all these, Pithos proves […]

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