Day: March 21, 2013

RaspberryPi Media center – XBMC – Easy Tutorial

This is a quick video showing how to setup XBMC on the raspberryPi using raspbmc. This will turn your raspberry Pi in to a media centre Check out the forums for help  

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Maps APIs over SSL now available to all

As public WiFi becomes increasingly ubiquitous, we spend more and more of our time on shared networks. This can expose our personal data to third parties if the sites we access are not secure. Many sites use Google services to store and manage Google data. In response to this, Google is today announcing improved support for SSL […]

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How to Obtain a Google API Key.

Fear not.  Your search is over.  For some reason it is hard to find much less navigate to this part of Google’s dashboard.  So here’s some easy instructions. Get a new Console key from as described in the Version 3 docs at Console keys work with Version 2 and provide the benefits of statistics reporting. It’s […]

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