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Zoom in with Mouse Wheel Unity 3d

Tested and Works CSharp <code> private float ZoomAmount = 0; //With Positive and negative values private float MaxToClamp = 10; private float ROTSpeed = 10; void Update(){ ZoomAmount += Input.GetAxis(“Mouse ScrollWheel”); ZoomAmount = Mathf.Clamp(ZoomAmount, -MaxToClamp, MaxToClamp); var translate = Mathf.Min(Mathf.Abs(Input.GetAxis(“Mouse ScrollWheel”)), MaxToClamp – Mathf.Abs(ZoomAmount)); gameObject.transform.Translate(0,0,translate * ROTSpeed * Mathf.Sign(Input.GetAxis(“Mouse ScrollWheel”))); } </code> Javascript <code> var […]

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PHP Functions

Woocommerce List all Available Payment Gateways

$available_gateways = WC()->payment_gateways->get_available_payment_gateways();

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Convert Date to Mysql Format with PHP

date(“Y-m-d H:i:s”, $timestamp);

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How to make a pop up with javascript

function WelcomeMSG () { alert(“The river will start flowing soon. Please bear with us while we are under construction.”) }

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