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NGUI is a powerful UI system and event notification framework for Unity (both Pro and Free, 3.4.2f3 or higher) written in C#. It features clean code and simple, minimalistic approach to everything. Most classes are kept under 200 lines of code. For a programmer this means a much easier time when it comes to working with the kit — from extending its functionality to tweaking the existing one. For everyone else this means better performance, smaller footprint, and less memory overhead — all of which ultimately save you money.


  • Full Inspector integration
  • No need to hit Play to see the results
  • What you see in the Scene view is what you get in the Game view (fully WYSIWYG)
  • Component-based, modular nature: attach the behaviours you want to make your widgets do what you want without having to code (with a variety of templates to get you started)
  • Full support for iOS/Android, Flash (with exception of input — it’s not supported in Flash).
  • Flexible event system
  • Make complex UIs that take only 1 draw call
  • Create your atlases right in the editor, update/modify them at will, or import an atlas from the Texture Packer.
  • Support for lighting, normal mapping, refraction, and more — unleash your creativity!
  • Support for clipped panels with hard or soft edges.
  • An assortment of useful scripts to help you — from changing a button color to dragging an object
  • Simple built-in tweening system.
  • Support for eastern languages with IME input.
  • Clean, short, simple and extensively optimized C# code
  • No DLLs or external resources

The kit comes bundled with 11 step-by-step tutorials, 11 examples, and 3 video tutorials, all of which can be found herewithout having to buy the kit.

Free Version

The Free Edition of NGUI can also be used by other developers inside their own Unity Packages — even commercial ones!

HD Video Tutorials


The 3rd example in particular is very advanced and not only has a system for random item level +quality generation, but also a full Inspector integration for data entry. Even the way you define stats on the items has been simplified — you define all items with stats as if they were max level, then specify actual item range that the created items will be constrained with.

The kit is currently available for $95 up on the Asset Store, as well as directly via PayPal. You can rationalize the purchase like this: will NGUI save you or your developers at least 2 hours of work? If yes, then you have nothing to lose by grabbing a copy.

An alternative Professional edition version can be obtained for $200 that comes with a personal access to NGUI’s GIT repository, giving you access to all of its revision history, the ability to easily merge/diff selective revisions, and always be up to date. It’s very useful for those who plan on modifying NGUI’s source to suit their own needs, but still wish to have a hassle-free way of staying up to date. You can find more information here.

All methods come with quick support via email, forums, and Skype and provide free updates.

For more information, please visit the website.


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