How to Import a Android Project (.apk file or folders) into Eclipse

Whether you have an .apk file or an unpacked folder with the android files within, these steps will help you continue on your quest. If you haven’t unpacked the .apk file yet, you want to click this LINK. It contains step by step on how to unpack .apk files correctly and easily. Once you’ve unpacked your file. Continue below:

You need to download Eclipse and Android SDK for these steps. Luckily they are already in a bundle. And here’s the link. Download Bundle


File -> Import -> Android Code into Workspace -> (Select Root Directory (folder) of the Application you are importing) -> Check the (Copy projects into workspace [checkbox]) -> Click Finish

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if you still are having trouble here’s a video demonstration.

Ignore this guys first example. The second go round he does this correctly. Think I’m going to just have to make this video myself.