Coolest Things To Do with Your Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi powered quadrocopter

Originator Says: My finished raspberry pi quadrocopter. More information at

R2D2 Robot Powered by Raspberry Pi

Originator Says: This is a birthday gift I built from scratch for my girlfriend 🙂
The hardware is made of a broken Interactive R2D2 toy and a bunch of cheap parts purchased online. Inside, the little guy is powered by a Raspberry Pi running Rasbian.

voice control (in English and Chinese, using PocketSphinx)
face recognition (using OpenCV)
motion detection
ultrasonic distance detection
audio message record and replay
sound play and TTS
rechargeable battery


Raspberry Pi Internet Radio

Webradio with the Raspberry Pi running on the Raspberry, the 
2012-09-18-wheezy-raspbian image and the Mplayer the of my 
being driven software. 
The housing consists of three plexiglass windows, two for the front in between (a 
yellow piece of paper with the recess for 20×4 character display) and one as a back. In the middle of its own board which serves as support for the display and the Raspberry Pi. 
For the sound I use an external sound card (USB flash drive) and an antenna 
stick a Wi-Fi. 
This project can be found at https:// / p / … raspberrypi .

Live Bots

You’ll be using buttons in the browser to send Python instructions to the robots via their serial ports. The robots are available to control depending on which of them is online at the moment you visit. There’s a robot with googly eyes, one that does ballet poses and urinates (!), and plenty of LEDs to flash on and off.

Detailed instructions on adding your own robot to the collection are available at Instructables. We are torn between our love for the breakdancing robot and for the creepy robotic hand. It’s up to you to add some more so we can do some more arguing about which is our favourite.

Try it out Click here

Voice Controlled Robot using a Raspberry Pi

Originator Says: I’ve managed to make the Raspberry Pi work as a speech recognition module to control a robotic arm with a USB interface. This is related to my previous video (, and as usual I’ve posted instructions on how to get it working on my website:…


Raspberry Rover

Originator Says: This is my little raspberry rover. Its a Dagu wild thumper platform with a raspberry PI talking serial over USB to the arduino controller.  Theres also an RTL 8187 wifi board and a powered USB hub.
The whole thing is running off a 7.4v RC car battery

Booting up Raspberry Pi on a small 3.5″ LCD car display

Originator Says: This is a demo/tutorial on how to connect a Raspberry Pi to a 3.5 inch TFT LCD display you can get off Amazon for less than $20. It’s a small display for an extra small computer!

GPS Tracking with a Raspberry Pi

Originator Says: More details here…
Raspberry Pi
GlobalSat BR-305 GPS
Pi232 RS232 GPIO Expansion board
Turbo Exchange, & Websocket Map

I used a GlobalSat BR-305 GPS receiver, to capture GPS data, and a GSM dongle to upload the data to the Logic Ethos GPS tracking platform. Software is written in C# Mono.


Windows 7 on a Raspberry Pi

Originator Says: Pedro the bear explains how he got Windows 7 running on an raspberry pi to control the 50W Lazor of the shackspace.

Hackaday Blogpost:…
Shackspace Blogpost:
Full Description and HowTo:…

Raspberry Pi-based micro arcade cabinet

Originator Says: Article documenting this:…
I made a miniature arcade cabinet based on a Raspberry Pi. It has a GPIO-driven 2.4″ LCD, a custom-made PSU to power it from LiIon batteries, 3W of stereo speakers and buttons/joystick.

Homemade wooden case with Display portable for RaspberryPi

– Raspberry Pi
– Wood case
– Battery with 5v and 12V…
– Display 7″ AV…
– more wood

Coffee Table Pi


The purpose of this project is to create a modern slimline version of an arcade cocktail cabinet. Also to do other tasks such as browse web or write emails with the use of a wireless keyboard and mouse. The 24 inch LCD screen mounted in the center can be used to do any number of things such as show family photos or updates from social networking sites.

In the spirit of low cost, all the wood work used is recycled. The main expense apart from the raspberry pi itself is for the 24 inch LCD screen in the middle and the arcade joysticks and buttons.

To be child friendly the corners are rounded and perspex is mounted over the LCD screen.

Instructions Here

How to install FUSE spectrum emulator on Raspberry Pi in Debian Wheezy

How to install FUSE spectrum emulator on Raspberry Pi (Debian Wheezy). Brought to you by RasPi.TV…


More to come.  Feel free to suggest something new to add in the comments below.